Photographer Resources:  Storytelling & Vision

After years and years of shooting along combing together a huge mess of tutorials I love and soaked in my bones, I'm at a place where I think I can offer something unique to everyone because I've found my own path and vision.  I want to help you find your style, help you understand light, color, compositional components and most of all, how to connect to the human spirit.  Most of all I want to share what I have loved dong for years and has saved my live in many ways.  I'm so thankful for photography and I'm so thankful this can be a way I can also support my family:  Doing something I love.   I am a better mom because of this gift of a camera a long long time ago.


Join Me on Facebook

Come join my online group to learn from me, others, and find your soul and voice through images.  From beginners to advanced we will reflect on anything and everything from what makes a heart thumping image, story telling, composition, camera gear, lighting, and post processing.

Tutorials - On Scene Shooting

Coming Soon!  I've paired up with a local videographer who will be filming and I'll be explaining why, how, and what makes beautiful imagery with real families this fall.  I'll explain settings, location choices, posing, and light choices.

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Post Processing

Watch me as  I edit using Lightroom, Photoshop, Nik Software Collection, Topaz Labs, etc.  I'll cover everything from very basic adjustments to more extensive tutorials on processing your images. My goal is to help you gain the basics and confidence so that you can avoid using presets and start to hand edit to make images pop.