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These were the Most Popular Names of the 80's.

(No, Hart wasn't on that name list. :)

Very Well FAmily

An Introduction to Premature Babies 101

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10 Easter-Inspired Baby Names For Your Little One Born In Spring

Pop Sugar

Your Baby’s Monthly Milestones, According to a Pediatrician

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Toddlers Care About What Others Think of Them and Change Their Behavior to Please Us

(and yes, this is very true - especially with Hart!)

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What Having a Preemie Means for You and Your Premature Baby

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Dig in! A Guide to Starting Solids

Scary Mommy

The NICU Will Change You, And Other Things I Learned As a NICU Parent.


Adorable Photos of Dogs and Puppies With Babies

(there are a few of Mack and Birdie if you flip through. These are my favorite.)

The Guardan

Understanding the Rights of 'diblings'

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How To Spot Sepsis In Babies: Jeremy Hunt Launches Campaign To Help Parents Recognise Symptoms

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40 things that didn't exist 40 years ago. (Aka: Cake Smashes). Of note, Hart ate most of Mack's that day.

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11 Things Parents Of Premature Babies Worry About (And Words Of Comfort)

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Explanation of Dizygotic Twins

(Well, look at these guys. They are definitely not identical. We have a brunette and a blonde!)

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Why Developmental Care Is a Hallmark of NICU Strategy for Preemies


The Most Uncommon Baby Names Given in 2017 you'll be obsessed with. Mack was used three times in this article. They never mentioned Mack as a great name! Bah. :P

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(of note, I have no idea what that says or what this article about. My Canadian friends who share the love fo Bernese Mountain Dogs knew it was Birdie as were excited to see it printed in their paper.


Taking Better Portraits with your DSLR Camera

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Is Skipping the incubator for immediate skin to skin better for preemies?

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Twins Can Match on Halloween With These Costume Ideas.

Clinical OMIC'S

Researchers at Stanford University and Chan Zuckerberg Biohub have identified sets of cell-free RNA (cfRNA) biomarkers in the blood of pregnant women that can be used to estimate gestational age and delivery date with the same accuracy as ultrasound and can help to identify mothers who are likely to deliver preterm, up to two months ahead of labor.

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The body’s killer immune cells also feed fetuses in the womb

Houston Chronicle

Most Popular Baby Names in Each State: 2016

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10 Best Teething Toys for Sore Baby Mouths


Best mid-sized Cities for 2014: Des Moines

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5 True Stories of Twins Separated at Birth

Advanced Medical Nutrition Therapy - Kelly Kane, Kathy Prelack

Published in book regarding medical nutrition through the use of Nastrogastric Tubes