Finn Baby

I'm just now getting around to blogging sweet baby girl Finn.  These were taken last fall.  I had gotten a new lens and asked Talia and Malay if we could go embrace the light of the day.  This spontaneous shoot turned out to be one of the best.  I'm just sad Malay couldn't make it.

Finn is such a beautiful little doll that is a dream to photograph.  We dig her mom's, too.

Dehmer/Snow Family

This was the best piece of luck that has come my way as a photographer.  I was finishing up with Zella baby and this family asked me to roll down my car window.  They had pictures scheduled with another photographer but there had been a mix up with the date.  They asked if I'd be willing to do them.  I had an extra half an hour and they were cute and had an 8-week old puppy.  C'mon!  Of course I'd do them!

Thank you Justin and Amy - you guys are the best and I hope we get to meet again.

Shelly + Nathaniel

There will be a lot of photos in this blog.  Sometimes love is so natural and organic there is nothing that needs to really be edited significantly.  This shoot was that kind of love.

Thank you so much for selecting me to be your photographer.  I hope you love these, Shelly.

Erin + Micah

I had one little session spot left and Erin wrote and asked if she could have it.  Sometimes timing is a beautiful thing.  Erin asked if they could bring Harvey with them to be photographed since he was important to them and part of the family.  I learned two days later that Harvey had a neurological problem and had to cross rainbow bridge.  I was so upset for them and still am.  I am, however, glad we were able to photograph Harvey's final day with the people he loved most. Harvey was happy that Sunday afternoon.  <3