Traveling Photography: Jacob and Company

I got the lucky opportunity to photograph one of Michelle's friends during our recent trip to West Palm Beach, Florida.  These friends lived in Des Moines prior to relocating to Florida.

Meet Matthew, Theresa, and sweet little Jacob. The day we shot was significantly stormy and the wind was intense.  The dark clouds made for some cool photography and we were eventually caught in a down pour.

I will miss the sandy shores and the sunsets of Florida!

Dehmer/Snow Family

This was the best piece of luck that has come my way as a photographer.  I was finishing up with Zella baby and this family asked me to roll down my car window.  They had pictures scheduled with another photographer but there had been a mix up with the date.  They asked if I'd be willing to do them.  I had an extra half an hour and they were cute and had an 8-week old puppy.  C'mon!  Of course I'd do them!

Thank you Justin and Amy - you guys are the best and I hope we get to meet again.