The Fistler Family

Yeah, well...   I'm about one year behind on my blogging.  Ooops.  Twins make life a little difficult and I'm doing my best to play catch up.  Yes...  I'm still shooting and booking on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday evenings.  Reach out to me if you'd like a session!  

I met the Ben and Katie during high school.  Katie and I were good friends and Ben has always been the funniest and smartest guy in the room.  He still is.  They are both teachers and incredible people raising funny, sweet, and adorable boys.

jlcompressed103Jill Lehmann.jpg

Marcy, Monty + Family

Holy Moly.  I'm behind on my blog!  I was lucky enough to travel to Indianola to a good friend of mine to photograph her family.  We met Marcy while training our young pups together.  Our dogs are still the very best friends and have frequent play dates.  I'll have to do a shoot of just them together because it's a sight to behold!

We love you so much Marcy.  Thank you for always being there.  Always showing up.  Always bringing us light (and tacos) when we are struggling.  You are a great gift to us.



This was a fun shoot!  Audra owns and runs the downtown Crossfit and is also a stylist at Bloom (Audra Welton Salon).

I was so excited to do this shoot because I knew Audra's hair was going to be perfect with the greens and location I had picked out.  Not only is she striking, but she has the cutest little family.  S.E. is a dolly and I am so lucky to have been able to photograph them again.  We can't wait to welcome her new babe.