A long road... Mack and Hart

I've been creating images for others this summer, just not as many as usual.  Instead, I've been capturing my own children and they are the strongest little warriors I have ever met.  I've always asserted I was a more journalistic photographer and enjoyed capturing "real" images more than any others.  I like authenticity.  I like people as they are, in their environment.  The lessons in humanity related to these images for my own life are real and authentic.  

In November 2015 we delightfully discovered I was pregnant with twins.  At 12 weeks we learned we were having two baby boys.  Other twin parents told me to "get ready" and that twin pregnancy was "no joke."  They were right.  I photographed up until I could no more.  I shot the One Iowa event and a week later a small wedding.  During the wedding I noticed I was significantly fatigued and quite frankly, nearly immobile.  I am thankful I got through it.

A few days after this wedding, I had a rupture and was hospitalized for 3 weeks until the boys entered the world at 29 weeks.  There were bumps, bruises, tears, and triumphs.  The amount of love from friends, family, and strangers who watched our journey on a Facebook site called "Team Bauer Babies" was phenomenal and quite frankly, kept me going at times.  I wanted to take a second to share our journey in photographs with you.  Our twins are now healthy and strong.  We are grateful to Methodist and Blank Children's Hospital for the care and compassion they afforded us.  They also tolerated my camera and kept it safe when I left it there every single night.