I'm excited to capture memories and I love what I do!  Someone told me never to make your hobby your business.  I think that person was wrong.  One of the bet decisions I ever made was to do just that.  I also believe that photographing my own twins has made me value lifestyle photography much more.  Capturing little moments - the ones I need so desperately to remember as they get older.  The messy dinners, the way they play, the routine of a mundane evening.

I grew up in Mason City, Iowa, where I started my photography journey.  I took a hiatus away from photography for about 12 years and began shooting digitally in 2010 after I realized digital cameras weren't going to be the bane of my existence.  The spirit of photography came back like wildfire.  Consequently, I attribute it to saving my life in many ways.  After a significant death in my family, the only thing that allowed me to feel peace and joy was when I was photographing things and people I love.  My joy came back.

I have photographed many families, engagements, children, and weddings both in Des Moines, Iowa.   I am also a contributor with Getty Images where I've recently been featured on both Forbes, walt disney, msnbc, and the Huffington Post.  You'll see a ton of my own babies on this site because it shows the love I put into these photographs.  You're family will be photographed just as my own.  

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In memory of my sister who didn't know she gave me the gift of photography.

11/02/1970 - 07/21/2011